Our Vision

Mission Statement:

Brainworks Foundation will offer education to everyone affected by epilepsy including people living epilepsy, their family, friends and the medical professionals who care for them.

Our Vision:

  • Brainworks Foundation will offer a variety of educational events to people living with epilepsy and their families with a goal of helping everyone living with epilepsy to receive the most accurate diagnosis and best treatment

  • Brainworks will offer educational symposiums to medical providers who care for people with epilepsy with a goal of those diagnosed with epilepsy being offered up to date diagnostic tests and appropriate treatments

  • Through educational symposium, Brainworks will encourage referrals of appropriate patients to epilepsy specialists who have access to treatments that may not be available in all facilities

  • Brainworks will offer educational events to people living with epilepsy and their families to provide them with the tools to be their own advocate

  • Brainworks will offer educational events covering newly available diagnostic tests, treatments and research opportunities that may be available to keep the epilepsy community up to date¬†

  • Brainworks will work at the state and federal level serving as an advocate for causes related to epilepsy, ensuring people living with epilepsy are not discriminated against

  • Brainworks will serve as a resource for people living with epilepsy when educational materials are needed, for example, to help educate schools, workplace, etc about epilepsy